Few Simple Steps To Monetize Your Traffic

Project Introduction
Connect with Right Audience

Via our network of publishers and advertisers

Research & Concept
Deliver your Ads

To the potential buyers and in various formats

Project Termination
Boost your ROI

Track, manage & optimize for higher conversions

Use Push Notifications to develop better engagement with your audience

With personalized push notification, ads are delivered to a valid audience and advertisers can expect exceptional open rates and a wider reach while connecting with their audience.Push notification is the new and effective way for brands to connect with their audience through messages directly sent to devices.

  • 100% Real audience
    Deliver ads to those who have shown prior interest

  • Personalization
    Engage with your audience using tailored messages

  • Exceptional Performance
    Achieve higher open rates as email marketing

  • Wider Reach
    Enhance experience by targeting based on location

Deliver your marketing to the right person at the right moment

Gain better ROI from by reaching out only to the most relevant audience, tracking every penny spent and making real-time changes. Using programmatic allows you to target customers at a low cost with higher ROIs.

Leverage our affiliate channels to grow revenue and expand your reach

Get in front of new customers from all over the world through our affiliate network and scale-up with a wider visibility and ultimately, higher ROI’s.

Take advantage of the video platform to monetize your content and earn profits

We integrate market knowledge, technology and data to seamlessly add pre-rolls and in-video ads with clickable links, into the video content of your potential clients.

We all know that today Video is King!

Use our optimized video ads to grab the viewer’s attention and leave a big impression.

Create the best user experience with effective ads at various unit options. This will result in high-converting campaigns, brand awareness and targeting desired buyers.

Leads that keep your business running.

Leverage our extensive network of users and robust marketing workforce to set your company up for success with lead generation. We can work together to power your customer acquisition - Join Klicks Media and keep the leads coming.

Get ready to have access to quality leads, accelerate your sales and grow your revenue!

As a lead generation service provider, we take care of the time-consuming task of finding qualified customers for you. With Klicks Media, you can not only connect with prospects using relevant communication media but also set and confirm appointments.